Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box: Big Ideas

Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box

Friday, October 14, 2005

Big Ideas

These ideas are more for big events, perfect for a Stake function or for an Enrichment Board who isn't afraid of a little work (ok, a lot!)

* Women's Conference. Invite guest speakers to present short classes and workshops that the sisters in the stake can choose to attend. It can be modeled after the wonderful BYU Women's Conference held every spring. Choose a theme, offer decadent refreshments or provide a lunch or dinner. I have lived in Stakes where an entire Saturday is reserved for this kind of an event. The decorations and food were "knock your socks off" and each sister left feeling really special.

* "Salute to Sisters." Hold a special awards-type event where certain women are honored in your stake for the good they do in their community. You could even mix up the event by giving serious awards as well as some humorous/goofy ones.

* "Estrogen Extravaganza." This could be a fair with booths that provide all kinds of information about women's health, safety, aging, make-up, etc. Invite community health providers to participate in the expo by offering free cholesterol screenings, massages, spa treatments, etc. Throw in a fashion show, free babysitting, and some chocolate and you'll have the sisters running to this Enrichment activity!

* "Concerted Effort." Throw a concert with your ward or stake musicians. No talent? Then invite all the sisters to attend a concert. Most communities have free concerts in parks during the summer months or you could get discount tickets for large groups.


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