Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box: November 2013

Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box

Monday, November 04, 2013

Be the first to see the 2014 edition of Ready Resource for Relief Society!

I'm so excited to announce that my newest book "Ready Resource for Relief Society - Teachings of the President Joseph Fielding Smith" will launch on November 19, 2013!  Woohoo!  It will be available for purchase in stores and online on that date.  Yay!

Here is a sneak peek at the lesson topics for next year's Relief Society and Priesthood lesson manual for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  My book will offer creative and fun ideas to help teachers with object lessons, visual aids, video suggestions, artwork, handouts, inspiring quotes, article links, as well as 3 new features: Seminary Scripture Mastery tie-ins, Preach My Gospel pages, and personal challenges for every chapter!

Topics for 2014 include:

Lesson 1      Our Father in Heaven
Lesson 2      Our Savior, Jesus Christ
Lesson 3      The Plan of Salvation
Lesson 4      Strengthening and Preserving the Family
Lesson 5      Faith and Repentance                     
Lesson 6      The Significance of the Sacrament
Lesson 7     Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Witnesses for Jesus Christ   
Lesson 8     The Church and Kingdom of God   
Lesson 9      Witnesses of the Book of Mormon
Lesson 10     Our Search for Truth
Lesson 11     Honoring the Priesthood Keys Restored through Joseph Smith
Lesson 12     The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood
Lesson 13     Baptism 
Lesson 14     The Gift of the Holy Ghost
Lesson 15      Eternal Marriage 
Lesson 16      Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth 
Lesson 17      Sealing Power and Temple Blessings 
Lesson 18      living by Every Word That Proceeds from the Mouth of God
Lesson 19      In the World but Not of the World 
Lesson 20       Love and Concern for All Our Father’s Children
Lesson 21       Proclaiming the Gospel to the World 
Lesson 22       Prayer – a Commandment and a Blessing 
Lesson 23       Individual Responsibility  
Lesson 24       The Work of Latter-day Saint Women: “Unselfish Devotion
                       to This Glorious Cause”    
Lesson 25       The Birth of Jesus Christ:  “Good Tidings of Great Joy”
Lesson 26       Preparing for the Coming of our Lord

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