Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box: More monthly traditions

Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box

Friday, October 14, 2005

More monthly traditions

Get To Know You Table
Invite all of the new sisters to bring a few items to put on a table that describe
themselves and their interests so that all of the other sisters can get to know them
a little better.

Visiting Teaching Interviews
Have the Relief Society presidency and Visiting Teaching Supervisors meet with
sisters to discuss needs in the ward and any changes in Visiting Teaching

Carpool Award
Everyone who drives to Enrichment Night with other sisters gets a little prize.
Carpooling encourages sisters to bond, invite and remind each other every
month, in addition to saving gas money and the environment!

“Lunch Bunch”
Once a month sisters could meet for lunch at a local restaurant that is on the less
expensive side of dining. You could also gather for lunch in a different sister’s
home for a monthly potluck lunch. Sisters might find it fun to bring a brown
bag lunch and meet at different parks around town to get to know the area better.

”Park Pals”
Sisters with young children meet at the park weekly or even just once a month.
You could turn the gathering into a breakfast or lunchtime meal or just meet for
fun for an hour.

“Sweatin Sisters”
Sisters can meet at the church or someone’s house to exercise together. They
can bring different exercise videos or teach one another different routines.
During summer months they could meet at someone’s pool for water aerobics!

“Walk and Talk Club”
Sisters who are interesting in walking for exercise could meet at a designated
location and do it together.

“Your Neck Of The Woods”
Sisters and their children could plan field trips together to learn more about the
sites and history in their area. They could even get group discount tickets if
they want to go to a fun place that charges for admission.

“We Are Daughters”
Offer prizes to sisters who can recite from memory the Relief Society Statement.
Practice saying it aloud either every Sunday or once a month at Enrichment

“Culture Club”
This group of sisters could attend movies, theatre, museum lectures, etc. They
could receive group discounts and share carpools and babysitting.

“Family Home Evening Packets”
Sisters who want to share efforts in creating visual aids and fun ideas for family
home evening could meet together to work on their projects or have a luncheon
where they exchange packets they’ve already worked on for each other.


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