Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box: Relief Society birthday commemoration ideas

Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box

Friday, October 14, 2005

Relief Society birthday commemoration ideas

History of Relief Society
Have someone give a special presentation about the history of the Relief Society
in the Church or just in your specific area. Memorabilia and old photos could be

Relief Society Yearbook
Begin a Relief Society scrapbook for your ward. Begin taking pictures at each
month’s meeting that demonstrate what activities and lessons were presented.
Take pictures of each of the sisters in your ward and have them write their
testimony about Relief Society on a separate page. Each month there could be a
scrapbook table set out so sisters could create pages from last month’s photos and

Relief Society Presidents
Learn about all of the former General Relief Society Presidents. Have your
ward’s Relief Society presidency share a little about themselves to get to know
them better. You could also share the history of Relief Society leaders in your
ward over the years.

Relief Society blessings
Invite a panel of speakers to share how their lives have been blessed by Relief
Society. Panel members could include brethren and children, as well as sisters in
your ward.

Have the young men dress up as waitress, complete with folded towel over their
arms, and serve the sisters a special dinner. Brethren from the ward could baby-
sit children and provide entertainment while the sisters eat. If you have some
really talented musicians in your ward it would be fun to have a strolling violinist
or Barbershop Quartet perform from table to table.

Celebrate Sisterhood
Play a lot of icebreaker games where the sisters can really get to know each
other. A fun game is when each sister writes on a slip of paper something she has
done in her life that is unique. All of the papers are gathered and then read aloud
while the group tries to guess who did that thing. The same type of information
could be gathered ahead of time and written down on one sheet of paper that each
sister is given. She has to write down the name of the person she thinks did that
thing and the sister who can guess the most correct answers wins a little prize.

Get To Know You
Have sisters bring 3 items that describe themselves, their talents, or hobbies. Items could be set out on a table and sisters would have to guess who brought them and then each woman would take a couple of minutes to identify her objects and talk a little bit about herself. You could also play “The Bean Game”:
Everyone sits in a circle and is given a certain number of beans (or whatever
item you want to use). Each sister takes a turn telling the group something she
has never done in her life that she thinks everyone else in the group has done.
Examples could include: I have never said a bad word, I have never watched the
movie ET, I have never been to SLC, etc. The sisters who HAVE done that
thing then have to throw one of their beans into the center pot. If they have NOT
done that thing then they get to keep their beans untouched. The winner is
the sister who has the most beans at the end of the game.

Quiz Show
Turn any popular TV Game show into a Relief Society version. Use questions
and answers about Church history, former General and local Relief Society
Presidents, ward trivia, scripture characters, and interesting tidbits about your
own sisters. Tape record the music from TV to play so everyone really gets into
the spirit of the game. Fun TV game shows that work really well are Jeopardy,
Hollywood Squares, Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,
$10,000 Pyramid.

“Mormon Bar”
Here is a bar the sisters can actually go in to…For refreshments set out a long table with all kinds of toppings for a Taco Bar, Potato Bar, or Ice Cream Sundae Bar.

Pajama Party
Have sisters wear modest pajamas and lounge wear and enjoy a fun evening of girl talk, makeup tips, doing each other’s hair, bedroom decorating tips, junk food munchies, and even a few innocent games where you wrap each other in toilet paper like mummies or freeze a token bra for old times sake.

“Relief Society is Priceless”
Each table has a decorated jar full of pennies. Sisters take turns picking a penny
and then they have to tell something about themselves that happened during that
year. If the date is before she was born she has to pick another penny.

Jelly Beans
This is a cute theme to use if Easter occurs near your birthday party. Each sister
picks a jellybean when she enters the room. The color of her jellybean
determines which table she will sit at. Tables should be decorated with color-
coordinated tablecloths or centerpieces.

“Garden Party”
Decorate with flowers, baskets, garden tools, picket fences, clay pots and more
flowers! You could serve different kinds of salads or do a big Salad Bar. You
could offer a service project by saying “Dig In. There’s Work to do!” Have
Primary children sing “Little Purple Pansies”.

Have booths where sisters have to complete tasks or games to earn prizes. Fun
and simple tasks might include answering a Relief Society history quiz,
remembering past Enrichment Night activities, Name that Face game using
pictures of sisters in your ward, matching temples with locations, or you could
even have the sisters come up with clever missionary door approaches to earn
prizes. Use gospel twists to traditional carnival games like Ring Toss, Bowling,
Bean Bag toss, fishing for a prize. Sisters are given tickets to spend at booths
and “buy” refreshments.

Day of service
Get back to the basics when Relief Society was first organized by the Prophet
Joseph and sisters were called to serve and meet the needs of the poor. Have
sisters spend as many hours as they can during a designated day to work on
designated service projects.

“A Lamp Unto Your Feet”
Do a special presentation about the parable of the Ten Virgins. Decorate with
small clay lamps. Talk about what sisters need to be and do to join the five wise
virgins in being prepared for the Bridegroom’s second coming.

“Leading Families To Christ”
Center your theme around Sherri L. Dew’s statement “We no longer have the
luxury of spending our energy on anything that does not lead us and our
families to Christ.” Discuss ways sisters can focus more on Christ in their
homes with their families.

Valiant Sisters
Share stories and examples of good LDS women in history as well as in the scriptures.


  • Thank you, thank you so much for these great ideas. I have this as my new calling and have been struggling for ideas. I am sure these will be great.

    By Blogger Liesa, at 7:18 PM  

  • This is so helpful!! We are currently planning our commemoration birthday, and your blog has proved to be a great resource. Thank you so much!

    By Blogger TSamuels, at 7:36 AM  

  • This is so helpful!! We are planning our Relief Society's Commemorative Birthday, and your blog has proved to be a great resource. Thank you!!

    By Blogger TSamuels, at 7:37 AM  

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